„My English is not quite what it should be …“

Is this what you think about your spoken or written English? So maybe you should take an English class sometime soon. The ability to communicate in English is essential in everyday business – and, of course, also in your private life, when you meet people who are not able to speak German. Needless to say, not every lawyer’s office has everyday contact with English-speaking clients, but if you have trainees in your office, you are obliged to teach them professional English as well. During their three years of professional training they have to learn, for example, how to write a formal notice to a debtor or to explain legal actions to clients in English. According to the new training regulations, the „ReNoPatAusbV“, your trainees have to take part of their exams in English, so please make sure that you help them prepare for these exams and to pass them successfully. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in your office had the chance to practice their English regularly, such as by being able to work with an inhouse trainer once a week and by additionally working with an internet language training programme every day?